iCore Health Check

iCore Health Check is a configurable iCore function that allows you to fetch detailed information about the current status of your iCore system. The function fetches four types of information:

  • Disk space
    Available disk space on one or several disks. 
  • CPU usage
    Current CPU usage in percentage.
  • Processes 
    Memory usage of specified processes.
  • Custom counter 
    Information from the Performance Monitor in Windows.

Data that can be fetched depends on the Windows version. Examples are system start time and current number of messages waiting on a specified queue.

All information is fetched to an XML file which will be found as a node in the iCore system. The health check function is preferably used together with the iCore Reporting module. This enables you to add a style sheet to get a user friendly version of the report and send it by e-mail.

iCore Health Check is available from iCore ver. 2.73.