iCore at Radar Summit 2014

Radar Summit is the annual event that brings together the leading Swedish businesses in IT.

The purpose is to inform the participants at the center of local and global trends that will reflect developments in the 2015th Conference participants are given a clear picture of the trends that are important, how they will affect their business and what they must do to turn knowledge into business value within the organization.

Radar Summit also aims to create effective meetings within the ecosystem, from CIOs and IT decision makers, suppliers and influential analysts.

The agenda is set by the leading IT operations in Sweden around the trends and priorities that they wish to be illuminated and challenged during the day. You will be among 600 colleagues during the day. Together, you represent over 100 billion in IT purchases and can use this to challenge the 40 leading suppliers regarding issues most relevant to you.

Thomas Madsen

Chief Marketing Officer
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  • News

    iCore – leader in creating customer value

    iCore has achieved a top ranking in Radar’s annual survey on IT supplier quality.

  • Events

    iCore at Radar Summit 2018

    The annual Radar summit is coming up on November 13th, and iCore will of course participate both as exhibitor and presenter.

  • Events

    iCore at Integrate2Innovate 2018

    On the 24th of April, iCore will be joining the Radar event Integrate2Innovate at the Birger Jarl conference center in Stockholm.