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iCore at Radar Summit 2017

The annual Radar summit is coming up on November 15th, and iCore will of course participate both as exhibitor and presenter.

This year, the conference focuses on the following key areas:

  • Industrialization of IT – What are the new ways of producing and delivering IT to higher output and value?
  • Adaptive IT reality – To keep up with international competition and industry pressure, companies need to find a more adaptive model to produce and deliver IT.
  • The digital ecosystem – IT-driven innovation is about trends such as digitalization, Internet-of-Things, autonomous AI, etc. As the demands for innovation are increasing, we are now seeing the first examples of companies going out of business because of their inability to change. The conference will help you stay prepared by sorting out the requirements you need to live up to, as well as pointing out the hottest trends.
  • Security and cyber security – The challenges in this area are getting bigger, and all new technology is at risk. Security and cyber security has never been more important as the Internet becomes the infrastructure of infrastructure.

For more information about our activities during the event, visit our event page (in Swedish).

Thomas Madsen

Chief Marketing Officer
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