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iCore at Radar Summit 2018

The annual Radar Summit is coming up on November 13th, and iCore will of course participate both as exhibitor and presenter.

Radar has identified the trends and challenges that will have the biggest impact on the Swedish IT industry in 2019. During the event, these issues will be discussed in-depth and examined from different angles:

  • Industrialization of IT – New ways of producing and delivering IT to higher output and value.
  • Innovation through IT – The possibilities associated with exponential and disruptive technology. Areas like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and IoT and different digitization applications and opportunities are explored.
  • Cyber security – Cyber security and information security but also regulatory issues related to these topics.

iCore Spotlight: Managing change in interaction with business

Together with Johanna Kjellberg, CIO at Atea, we will explain how information plays a crucial role for digital competitiveness. Learn how managing information accurately helps you make the right decision, at the right time with the right focus to support your business strategy.

For more information about our activities during the event, visit our event page (in Swedish)

Thomas Madsen

Chief Marketing Officer
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