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Capgemini and iCore signs partner agreement

The partnership has been under test for a period when we have performed a mutual project at the end customer SKF.

The trial period was successful and the parties have now entered into a formal partnership.

We are very happy to enter into partnership with Capgemini. We have very high thoughts around Capgemini as partner within business integration and e-commerce.

Our mutual project at SKF has turned out to be so successful due to the combined expertise at the team at Capgemini together with our well proven product iCore Integration Suite.

We look forward to more mutual projects, says Mikael Boquist CEO at iCore Solutions.

The ease to connect and to maintain the integrations, was a key reason why we chose to work together with iCore and their solution. says Lars Engvall, (Senior Account Manager) at Capgemini.

Mikael Boquist

Chief Enterprise Officer
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