iCore Integration Suite v4.1 Update 5 is out now!

The update contains the following new functionality:

  • Administrator
    • Control the access to iCore tools through User roles.
    • Compile/build Scripts with dependencies directly from the Administrator GUI.
    • Authenticate site users with external Open ID Connect (OIDC) providers (such as Azure AD).
    • Extended functionality to support clustered deployment of the Administrator site.
    • Configure Administrator start page based on site user roles.
  • Import and export
    • Simplified access to UNC (Universal Naming Convention) paths to the import/export files
  • Web APIs
    • Web APIs now support XML based documentation from REST web service API definition.

Detailed information can be found in the release notes. Go to iCore Tech to learn more and download the new software!

Håkan Holm

Chief Technology Officer
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