Cost control with efficient data flows

In difficult times, it is important to manage strategic data and direct your efforts where they provide the best effect.

This whitepaper explains how systems and applications interconnected via an integration platform lead to efficient data flows and makes it possible to accelerate the process of change. Increased access to data also provides a better understanding of how departments perform and provides better support for management and finances. 

  • Keep track of master data - a prerequisite for getting through tough times!
  • The role of the integration platform in the change process - examples and figures that show concrete savings.
  • TCO for integration projects in the long and short term.
  • Increased digitization provides new ways of working and better decision support.
  • When the crisis is over - efficient data flows will become market shares tomorrow.
  • Checklist - questions to ask before starting integration work.

NOTE: This whitepaper is in Swedish!

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