E-business grows at Atea

Atea is the leading independent supplier of IT infrastructure in Sweden. The company has 1100 employees at roughly 25 sites all over the country and a turnover of 6 300 MSEK. Every month, 90 000 product/service order lines and the corresponding number of invoices are administered.

A strong sales argument for Atea is that all order and invoice administration can be performed electronically and, consequently, automatically. Both Atea and its customers benefit from this setup. Since the iCore solution was implemented, e-business at Atea increased considerably. Today, 65 percent of all sales transactions are conducted as e-business.

– At Atea, we are very pleased with iCore and our customers are happy to know that everything works so smoothly. For me, that is the main strength of iCore. We can keep our promises and guarantee that the customers will be satisfied, regardless of their individual demands, says Håkan Lindgren, Project Manager at Atea.

Focus on utility not solution

For Atea’s customers, the focus is on the utility, not on the underlying technical solution. Nowadays, lasting relations with customers and suppliers demand an agile, secure and cost-effective solution for electronic order and invoice administration.

More focus on the business

As iCore works as a translator between different business systems, the customer does not need to use iCore in its own business system. Atea can receive orders in, more or less, any format.

Even as a pdf-file attached to an e-mail or as a large document containing several orders. The order is re-packaged instantly to fit the business systems at Atea and at the distributors’. All parties can communicate, despite using different systems. Something that further enhances the service level is that iCore works in realtime. When a customer places an order, it is immediately visible at Atea.

Non-existing risk

– Through the extensive log function in iCore, we can view all sent orders order replies and invoices. It feels very safe to have that supervision, regardless of whether everything is in order or something has gone wrong.

- In iCore there is also a monitoring system, which immediately sends a message to the sender if the original message for some reason has not reached its destination. The risk of an order or invoice disappearing in the system is as good as nonexistent.
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