Migration and integration at Bonnier Solutions

Bonnier is an international media group that is affected strongly by the digitalization trend. In the end, it also effects the finance function that over the last five years has integrated 116 different companies and 67 different systems into one financial system.

Bonnier Solutions is a service company that works with administration for the entire Bonnier Group. It employs approximately 120 people that take care of payroll and finance administration.

Vivianne Almstedt, former IT manager, is now CFO since the IT department merged with the finance department. Vivianne's relationship with iCore goes back a long time.

Efficient electronic process

- I started working with iCore back in 2003. We were integrating an invoice management system with our financial system, and were really looking at another platform, says Vivianne. By pure chance, we had another consulting firm that wanted us to look at iCore’s system.

- The deciding factor for choosing iCore was the cost. Their solution was much cheaper. We are very satisfied with what we got; with all invoices electronically, instead of papers to stamp and sign. We now have an efficient electronic workflow that simplifies things for the entire organization.

Many integrated systems

Today, iCore is not used for the original solution, but Bonnier has many other integrations. The 116 companies in the Bonnier Group have various pre-systems, and virtually all of them generate a financial transaction that will enter the financial system. iCore is used to integrate this.

- For example, we have some fairly old systems in the Group, that are unable to provide the information we need in the financial system. iCore’s integration is built to automatically enrich the files and add information in certain fields. Then we get everything in order, in one and the same financial system, even though it looks different in different companies, and above all, we have better traceability.

- The quality has increased, and it’s easier for the Group to get everything together. It’s also much easier to replace and integrate when any of the companies replace a system.

- Everything becomes more straightforward – it’s easier to get things right. It wouldn’t have been possible to integrate otherwise.

An incredible journey

When Bonnier Solutions started in 2010, there were 67 different systems in the Group. Now there are less than 10. Over the past five years, all 116 companies and their systems migrated into the financial system.

- It’s been an incredible journey. Now that the migration is complete, the challenge is to harmonize and make sure that everybody works the same way in all processes. The most important thing is that all data comes in, correct, and in order. Bonnier Solutions’ sole purpose is to make things as efficient as possible for others, says Vivianne Almstedt.
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