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SF Bio was founded in 1919. Since 1983, SF Bio, a wholly owned subsidiary of Bonnier AB in the area Bonnier Broadcasting and Entertainment. SF Bio AB owns and operates theaters in 22 locations in Sweden. Other subsidiaries within SF Bio are SF Media, SF Anytime, Conference & Event and Corporate tickets. SF Bio AB also operates cinemas in seven cities in Norway under the name SF Kino.

When SF Cinema (SF Bio) were getting ready to replace their old accounting system, it felt natural to choose a solution from iCore to make the different IT systems “talk” to one another. The Bonnier Group, which is the principal owner of SF Cinema, were long-time iCore users and had already seen the advantages and possibilities with integrated solutions.

– Basically, iCore made it possible for us to change accounting system. Our previous system was a pure in-house construction and required no integration with systems on other platforms. But it was inadequate in certain ways and we wanted to replace it with the same type of system that Bonnier were using.

– It took some effort to make it work and iCore has been the hub in all this, says Martin Wranne, system responsible at the Accounts department at SF Cinema.

Same language

SF Cinema had two major requirements. They needed to adapt the whole accounting administration, with transactions and supplier invoices in the “pre-systems”, to the “language” that was used in the accounting system at Bonnier. They also required a solution for the customer register and order administration for ticket sales to company customers.

– We sell a lot of company tickets and that requires a fast and flexible solution. Today, it is possible for our order administrators to send a question to the accounting system, directly when they receive an order, and get company and credit information back in real time. Naturally, this saves a lot of time.

Complex and seamless

To change accounting system is a major project with many pitfalls and there were some problems along the way. But iCore were there during the whole process and contributed so that the complete system could be launched on time. If an error occurs in the information transfer to the accounting system, the smart message management function will display it immediately. This is a function that provides control as well as fast error handling.

– The current solution is actually more technically complex than the old one. Connecting our systems with the ones at Bonnier required a lot of different integrations to be set up between the systems. But once the solutions from iCore are configured, they work seamlessly despite the complexity.

Electronic invoicing

It seems unlikely that the cooperation with iCore will end with these projects. The whole Bonnier Group is in the process of changing business systems. Here, iCore will be able to offer more services. And when it comes to SF Cinema, they are currently investigating how to make their invoice administration and e-business more efficient in the future.

– Today, the proportion of paper invoices is large - from our suppliers and to our customers. Naturally, there is time and money to save by going over to electronic invoicing. There is great potential to accelerate the invoice flow with the solutions from iCore.
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