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Keep your skills up-to-date with the right network

The goalposts in the workplace are constantly moving. This might be because of new technology, customer demand, legislation or simply because there is a new chief executive with a different vision. All these changes inevitably have implications for the staff.

Knowledge is a perishable commodity that needs to be nurtured to stay in shape. Information may be available at all times via the Internet and countless other sources, but the deciding factor is how you manage to interpret and use the information to grow your skills and make the right decisions for your business. To run things efficiently, you need to keep a cool head and a clear vision. You need to maintain your business focus and steer clear of irrelevant information coming at you from all sides. It can be very tempting to jump on the latest tech or management trends, but the struggle to always “keep up” can also become a major distraction that will cause you to lose direction.

Today, perhaps more than ever, it is important to surround yourself with people and organizations that you trust and can keep an open dialogue with. The foundation of continuous learning and improvement lies in your personal and professional network, and how this network evolves over time. Being generous about sharing your own experiences, knowledge and skills will pay off in many different ways. You will not only learn a lot but you will also be rewarded with new business opportunities.

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