Digitize your business ecosystem

Processing information manually is not an option for most organizations today. It is too slow, inefficient and error-prone. However, automating these process is not always an easy task, since every business has their own mix of systems and applications for exchanging files and messages with customers and suppliers.

To become more efficient, reduce time-to-market and increase revenue, organizations need a modern B2B/EDI integration solution. With the right B2B tools, organizations can connect digitally and communicate quickly and reliably.

What is B2B/EDI integration?

Business-to-business (B2B) integration is the automation of business processes between two or more business partners. It allows the partners to work and trade more effectively by automating key business processes. B2B integration software provides the framework needed to digitize information and quickly route it through an organization’s trading ecosystem.

The B2B perspective in today’s enterprises usually covers a web solution as well as an automated and integrated EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) solution.


iCore B2B/EDI solution

The iCore B2B/EDI Solution provides standardized, reliable integration between your ERP system, customers, and suppliers built on reusable integration modules. Our solution can also be connected to any ESB (Enterprise Service Bus), central integration platform, or other application (such as a CRM or a third-party logistics provider) resulting in a cost-effective B2B solution which reduces the need for administration and maintenance.

The iCore B2B/EDI Solution acts as an integration gateway between your ERP system and your business partners. You can combine iCore B2B/EDI with a pure B2B web solution to get a comprehensive solution for e-business management.

The iCore B2B/EDI Solution has built-in, pre-defined EDI messages for communication between all entities in your trading network. You can easily connect your ERP system with banks, customers, suppliers, and forwarders. The solution includes support for:

  • All standard message formats, including EDIFACT, XML and ANSI X12. A comprehensive selection of format templates is available for download from iCore Tech.
  • Any custom formats (via structure definitions).
  • Different communication protocols (on all security levels), for example FTP/FTPS/SFTP, HTTP(s), SMTP, API (SOAP and REST), OFTP2 and AS2.

You are never tied to any specific technology or standard - you are free to communicate with your business partners in any way you (or they) prefer.

Reusability keeps your costs down

iCore Integration Suite has been designed to let you reuse software code, modules or other components so that specialized applications can be created quickly while also keeping in-house development costs down. Examples of this strategy are:

  • Script inheritance – All format mappings can be implemented with inheritance. This gives you shortcuts to quickly create new mappings as variations of existing ones without having to manually copy and paste. The inheritance functionality results in much less administration and manual work over time.
  • Our best practices (packages and guidelines), delivered with the iCore system.
  • iCore accelerators, pre-packaged connectors that let you easily configure connections with almost any system (ERP, CRM, WMS, etc.)

Expand over time

We recommend you start B2B/EDI integration in a small scale, with a well-defined integration scope covering a small number of business partners and message types. You can then add partners and message types when your organization is ready for it - iCore products are well suited for incremental B2B integration.

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