eCommerce Integration – the key to future-proof retail

To be competitive in today’s marketplace, you need to be able to offer your customers a smooth, seamless buying experience in all channels, across all devices. While it puts great demands on your frontend applications (i.e. your web shop) it also requires integration with marketing, inventory management, and backend systems.

The transition from traditional commerce (physical stores) to internet-based commerce (e-commerce) is moving faster than ever. Giants like Amazon and AliBaba are taking increasingly larger pieces of the pie, while smaller, local vendors are struggling hard to compete. The new “stay-at-home” economy, a consequence of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, is acting like a catalyst speeding up the rate of the change even more. The way we learn, work, shop and play can potentially change forever.

So what steps can you take to stay competitive and profitable in the “new normal”? You need to build the best possible digital customer experience, where the corner stones are:

  • A well-designed webshop that provides an excellent personal browsing and buying experience and acts as your storefront.
  • An industry-leading payment solution with a huge user base in your region.
  • A third-party logistics partner that ensures quick and reliable delivery and pick up.
  • Reliable backend systems (e.g. ERP and CRM systems) that support your core business processes.
  • Tie everything together with a competent integration platform which manages the connection, transformation, and orchestration of data between your systems.

The engine that runs it all

With an integration platform as a hub for your data exchange, you can:

  • Make sure your data is only entered once. Reuse and share.
  • Automate your critical business processes.
  • Become more innovative. When your data is readily available, you can quickly test out new concepts and services that provide that extra edge.
  • With a cloud-based integration platform, you can quickly scale up or down your resources with customer demand and transaction volumes.

iCore simplifies eCommerce integration

With iCore Integration Suite, you get an e-commerce integration solution based in scalability, reliability, and security that makes you competitive in a quickly changing retail environment.

  • Quickly connect your systems with pre-built accelerators/connectors.
  • Easily remove or add new external business partners.
  • Real-time data sync that support large transaction volumes. Advanced tracking capabilities – never lose web orders because of system crashes or order errors.
  • Grow into new sales channels and expand your business to new regions and demographics.
  • Get a comprehensive, company-wide view of your customers, products and business performance.
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  • News

    iCore partners with Vendre to achieve the best e-commerce experience

    iCore and Vendre are joining in a partnership that will further contribute to developing your e-commerce solution.

  • News

    iCore partners with Sitoo to simplify Unified Commerce

    We are proud to announce that iCore and Sitoo are joining in a partnership that will further contribute to the future of unified commerce.

  • News

    Hemtex chooses iCore as their strategic integration partner

    Hemtex was looking for a long-term integration partner who could provide a modern platform and also act as a “speaking partner” towards suppliers of other IT systems.

  • Customer stories

    Consafe: “E-commerce has made logistics cool”

    As more businesses enter the world of e-commerce, the importance of good logistics and a well-functioning warehouse management system (WMS), has become more apparent.

  • News

    EDI expert Christer Johansson joins iCore

    Christer is specialized in EDI and has worked with business integration at big companies like Volvo, ICA and Swedish Match. He hopes to bring joy and a keen eye for details to iCore.

  • Partner stories

    iCore and Columbus – working together to make integration easy

    IT consulting company Columbus (formerly iStone) uses iCore products and services to help customers adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing digital landscape.

  • News

    iCore launches partnership with Bizzkit

    We have recently launched a partnership with Bizzkit, a major developer of B2B and B2C e-commerce solutions.

  • News

    MM Sports signs up for cloud integration service

    Retail chain MM Sports has decided to invest in an iCore integration cloud solution to support their growth and long-term strategy to become a leading supplier of sports clothing and high quality nutritional supplements.

  • News

    Order Nordic invest in a multipartner license

    We are happy to announce that home electronics distributor Order Nordic has recently decided to invest in an iCore multipartner license.

  • News

    BabyBjörn invests in a multipartner license

    BabyBjörn has been an iCore customer since 2008, and has used iCore Integration Suite to integrate internal applications, global customers (via EDI), and with Amazon. The company recently decided to invest in an iCore multipartner license.

  • News

    Simply Supplements connects with iCore

    Simply Supplements has decided to use iCore to connect their order management solution with their e-commerce solution. The integration project is managed by iCore integration partner Maginus.

  • Customer stories

    Jula’s expansion supported by smooth integrations

    Store chain Jula is expanding rapidly which means constant changes in the IT environment. With the company’s flexible integration platform, changes can be made quickly and easily without disturbing the core operations.

  • Customer stories

    Spicing up the business with flexible integration

    Spice and flavouring company Santa Maria is expanding on the European market. The expansion is supported by the company's new integration platform, which is used to manage the business communication with major food corporations across Europe.

  • Customer stories

    Improved cash flow at ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems

    ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems is a world-leading supplier of industrial doors and logistics systems. The company's service technicians needed a new solution that would enable them to receive work orders when out in the field.

  • News

    Nobia Denmark invest in a high availability environment

    Nobia Denmark has chosen to use iCore Process Server as a hub for all their integrations. The company required an integration solution that offers high performance, reliability and uptime, to support their e-commerce sales channel as well as surrounding systems.

  • News

    JULA has chosen iCore Integration Suite as their enterprise integration platform

    JULA has chosen iCore Integration Suite as their enterprise integration platform for automated business communication with business partners and as the sole integration hub for all in-house applications.

  • News

    ASSA ABLOY – large focus on business integration

    A prerequisite for success in its seamless flow projects, which is really a hot topic within Entrance Systems, is from an IT perspective, and focuses on integration and creating a loosely coupled SOA architecture to support the continuously changing world the division is facing.

  • Customer stories

    E-business grows at Atea

    A strong sales argument for Atea is that all order and invoice administration can be performed electronically and automatically. This greatly benefits both Atea and its customers.

  • Customer stories

    Streamlined purchasing at Atea

    Atea was going through an expansive growth phase, and the previous integration solution turned out to be insufficient for this new and more complex organisation. The Management and, above all, the customers, demanded a quick and simple solution for the administration of the whole purchasing process.

  • News

    Cost-saving integration at Tradeship Distribution

    Tradeship Distribution, part of Sportmanship Group, implemented a cost-saving integration from iCore Solutions, which allows goods to be stored duty free until the actual shipping is done. VAT and duties are then automatically reported to the Customs authority.

  • News

    iCore Solutions and Star Republic have become partners

    The idea of the partnership is that iCore will deliver the integration platform and knowledge to new and existing Star Republic customers that want to integrate their e-commerce transactions, in an intelligent and cost effective way, with their ERP or other applications.

  • News

    iCore Solutions and Maginus are now partners

    Maginus provide a range of software and technology solutions. The solution set is designed to address unique business requirement of organisations in the Multi-Channel Retail, B2B Distribution, Food and Beverage industries and consist of Microsoft Dynamics AX, e-Commerce and back office solutions.

  • News

    iCore Solutions and Jetshop have become partners

    iCore Solutions and Jetshop have joined an alliance. The idea of the partnership is that iCore will deliver the integration platform and knowledge to new and existing Jetshop customers that want to integrate their e-commerce transactions, in an intelligent and cost effective way, with their ERP.

  • News

    iCore Solutions has become EPiMore Alliance Partners

    After a time with many interesting business dialogs, the first two common projects have now been initiated and implemented. Both projects, at customers' Dometic and FAR, will integrate e-business platform EPIServer Commerce with in-house business applications.

  • Events

    Scandinavian e-Business Camp 2013

    iCore Solutions will be participating in Scandinavian e-Business Camp (SEBC) at Clarion Post Hotel in Gothenburg. The gala is hosted by Jetshop and was visited by almost 600 persons last year. The topic in matter is e-business, along with inspiring guests and good relations.

  • Customer stories

    Jula: “Digitalization requires us to act faster”

    Jula has succeeded in adapting to the global e-commerce competition by integrating best of breed solutions to stay agile and innovative.

  • Customer stories

    Kicks’ growth is powered by an efficient supply chain

    In little over a year, leading Nordic beauty chain Kicks has replaced its entire ERP and supply system. Now everything is connected using iCore Integration Suite.

  • Events

    iCore at D-congress 2019

    Meet us at D-congress to learn more about our new standardized cloud service for the retail industry.

  • News

    Orango creates versatile iCore-based integration service

    ERP specialist Orango has decided to use iCore Integration Suite as a foundation for a new integration service. The company saw an increasing demand for flexible integration solutions towards Dynamics NAV, and contacted iCore based on a tip from Microsoft.

  • News

    Göteborgs Vinhandelshus choose iCore as EDI integration solution

    Göteborgs Vinhandelshus has decided to use iCore Integration Suite (iCIS) as a platform for EDI and external business communication. The initial project aims to integrate the company's ERP (Visma) with Systembolaget (the Swedish alcohol monopoly retailer), which is a major customer.

  • News

    Scanbox Entertainment chose iCore Integration Suite

    Scandinavian video film distributor Scanbox Entertainment has chosen iCore Integration Suite for enterprise and application integration. The solution integrates operations in the four Nordic countries and automates the business communication with a third-party logistics supplier.

  • News

    Twilfit becomes more efficient with iCore Integration Suite

    Twilfit, a well-known manufacturer and retailer of women's underwear, has chosen iCore Integration Suite to handle internal and external integrations.

  • News

    iCore integration at Order Nordic AB

    Order Nordic AB is a well -known wholesale and logistics companies in the consumer electronics industry. Order Nordic has implemented iCore Integration Suite as EDI and integration platform for automated communication with their business partners.