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eCommerce Integration – the key to future-proof retail

To be competitive in today’s marketplace, you need to be able to offer your customers a smooth, seamless buying experience in all channels, across all devices. While it puts great demands on your frontend applications (i.e. your web shop) it also requires integration with marketing, inventory management, and backend systems.

The transition from traditional commerce (physical stores) to internet-based commerce (e-commerce) is moving faster than ever. Giants like Amazon and AliBaba are taking increasingly larger pieces of the pie, while smaller, local vendors are struggling hard to compete. The new “stay-at-home” economy, a consequence of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, is acting like a catalyst speeding up the rate of the change even more. The way we learn, work, shop and play can potentially change forever.

So what steps can you take to stay competitive and profitable in the “new normal”? You need to build the best possible digital customer experience, where the corner stones are:

  • A well-designed webshop that provides an excellent personal browsing and buying experience and acts as your storefront.
  • An industry-leading payment solution with a huge user base in your region.
  • A third-party logistics partner that ensures quick and reliable delivery and pick up.
  • Reliable backend systems (e.g. ERP and CRM systems) that support your core business processes.
  • Tie everything together with a competent integration platform which manages the connection, transformation, and orchestration of data between your systems.

The engine that runs it all

With an integration platform as a hub for your data exchange, you can:

  • Make sure your data is only entered once. Reuse and share.
  • Automate your critical business processes.
  • Become more innovative. When your data is readily available, you can quickly test out new concepts and services that provide that extra edge.
  • With a cloud-based integration platform, you can quickly scale up or down your resources with customer demand and transaction volumes.

iCore simplifies eCommerce integration

With iCore Integration Suite, you get an e-commerce integration solution based in scalability, reliability, and security that makes you competitive in a quickly changing retail environment.

  • Quickly connect your systems with pre-built accelerators/connectors.
  • Easily remove or add new external business partners.
  • Real-time data sync that support large transaction volumes. Advanced tracking capabilities – never lose web orders because of system crashes or order errors.
  • Grow into new sales channels and expand your business to new regions and demographics.
  • Get a comprehensive, company-wide view of your customers, products and business performance.
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