Want better control of your IT costs? Keep an eye on ROI and TCO

According to analysts, 50% of the costs of digital transformation and application replacement is related to integration. These IT costs are often hidden in projects, and difficult for buyers and decision makers to control.


So what can companies do to gain better control over their integration and IT costs? We believe that the key lies in investing time and effort in strategy, platform and projects.

Investments in integration are often “medium to long-term”, but with the right preparation and the right technical conditions, you will soon see a positive effect on both ROI and TCO.

In the short term, you are likely to see an increase in costs, as these will be visible in a completely different way, but over time you will notice that your investments have freed up resources for other value-creating activities and innovation in the business.

What you get

Our experience shows that an integration strategy based on business goals, combined with an integration platform, results in outstanding ROI and TCO over time. Our customers have managed to reduce integration-related IT costs up to 80% over time.

With our cloud services, you only pay for what you need - you can scale up or down your use of the platform at any time to match your needs.


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