Play the long game - stop chasing quick wins!

Business executives tend to make decisions that focus on reducing time-to-market and solving customer needs. At the same time, many business leaders are also partly responsible for IT budgets which can lead to short-term decisions that do not take into account the impact on the organization's IT architecture.

Requests for changes and new investment initiatives almost always come from process owners or CFOs. However, the IT department is still responsible for the operation and maintenance of the technical solutions and must deal with the practical consequences of these decisions.

When companies review their processes, a complex pattern often emerges with many dependencies that makes it difficult to implement changes without affecting the entire structure. If you also "chase quick wins", i.e. are content with patching things up and make changes that are not carefully considered, it will not take long before you end up in an untenable situation that is difficult to get out of.

Build an alliance with IT

We see that more and more companies connect their business plan to the integration strategy, and involve the CIO in business development. The companies that do this have an easier time redirecting and modifying their processes, and open up opportunities for cost savings, improved efficiency and streamlining.

The decision lies with you in the company management - your company's degree of digitalization is directly linked to your profitability!

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