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Automate processes to reduce time-to-market and increase profit

Process automation is a general technology term used to describe any process being automated through the use of computers and computer software. The automation revolution started in the 1970s with robots replacing humans for manual labour. Today, this is standard commodity. The next big thing was e-Business, which saw its breakthrough in the 80s with the introduction of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). The automotive industry became the front runner of this new development and set a standard for other industries to follow.

When we talk about e-business today, everything revolves around the web. The market has exploded over the past decade. E-Commerce started in the B2C sector but today it is essential for most industries. In order to get the results companies want, a chain of relations must be automated — this means everything from purchasing, logistics, distribution, economy, sales and marketing.

Another important trend right now is Marketing Automation. As the name suggests, it involves automation of marketing actions, often through the use of a dedicated application. Marketing automation removes the time-consuming tasks associated with manual customer data management for list segmentation and campaign management. However, to truly reap the benefits of Marketing Automation, the MA application needs to be integrated with the company’s CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform.

Automating your business processes can save a lot of time, improve customer service and increase profits. The opportunities for automation is virtually everywhere — contact us and we will help you identify the unique opportunities at your company.

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