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Payment Management by iCore for Unit4 Business World

iCore now offers Unit4 customers a standard solution which facilitates a fully automated payment process, from e-commerce to cashflow. Our payment solution lets your team focus on the core business – they do not have to spend time monitoring transactions or use multiple systems to perform simple tasks.

What are the benefits of an automated payment solution?

Our standardized payment solution for Unit4 uses the Danske Bank payment functionality and works as a complement to the existing order and invoice management in Unit 4 Business World (formerly Agresso). The solution considerably reduces the need for administration and eliminates errors that occur when doing manual work.

A secure choice for your organization and your users

Payment Management by iCore includes advanced logging, traceability and security features. All data processed by the solution leaves a full audit trail, with a level of detail adapted to the user’s quality requirements. Based on our stable and reliable integration engine (iCore Integration Suite) with its built-in alarm functionality, the solution requires no manual supervision. The iCore system will tell you if something goes wrong, and provide detailed information about what caused the problem.

Add more automation and integration when you are ready

Our payment solution is the ideal starting point for gradually building a comprehensive integration solution capable of transmitting and processing any kind of digital documents between business partners (customers and suppliers) as well as internal systems and applications. Unit4 Business World can easily be extended with other integrated services which increase productivity and reduce the need for manual work.

Your company’s digitalization journey begins with integration!

Thomas Madsen

Chief Marketing Officer
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