We help you survive replacing your ERP!

Replacing the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is one of the most complex, time-consuming and costly projects a company can undertake. We at iCore have helped many companies through this in a structured way, with low costs and minimal production disruptions. The secret is spelled process-based integration and loose connections!

In today's business climate, you need to be fast-moving to survive and be competitive. But many companies have an IT environment that is anything but flexible. The infrastructure is often built around a gigantic ERP, a "monolith" with a lot of point-to-point connections to other systems and apps - a result of under-investing in IT for a long time and perhaps generally within the company having little knowledge of IT and infrastructure, which over time created a large technical debt. In many companies, the IT department has also grown out of a purely operational role, and the CIO has still not been welcomed into the "nice room" (management team).

In the end, the situation becomes unsustainable and then the flash of genius comes - We replace the business system!

They hire consultants, plow down huge sums to launch the new ERP and create connections to other systems. It works well for a while, but then a few years pass and the machinery starts to squeak.

Dissatisfaction grows, there are sighs in the corridors and finally someone has a flash of genius - We are replacing the business system!

Build for the future - include integration early in the process

Replacing your ERP is not a magic solution that will fix everything. Although it may well be justified to replace the system if it no longer supports the core processes of the business, there is a risk that you easily slip back into old habits.

We recommend that in connection with the ERP change, you take a comprehensive approach and create an infrastructure that gives you more flexibility and reduces dependence on the ERP in the future. You do this best by considering the ERP as one system in the crowd and instead using an integration platform and creating "loose connections" between the platform and all systems and apps.

What you get

  • A modern infrastructure – more flexibility and a greater ability to handle changes.
  • Independence - you avoid lock-in and open up to "best-of-breed". You don't have to sit in the lap of a single ERP supplier, who for example would rather sell their warehouse module than integrate with your existing WMS.
  • Reduced technical debt – or rather, an opportunity to build away technical debt through continuous improvement.
  • Reduced costs for integration (integration is up to 50% of the cost in IT projects).

Take the chance to create a more dynamic IT infrastructure

With iCore, data and processes are organized around the integration platform. In this way, both the change of the business system and the possibility of adding or removing new functionality from other applications and systems are facilitated.

With our integration platform, you will get a more dynamic IT infrastructure, where it will be easier to add and remove applications, and you will have better control over your business processes and your data.

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