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On this page you can find prices related to our integration platform and add-on services.

iCore Cloud

All packages contain the basic integration technology required to run on our cloud-based integration platform (Integration Platform as a Service, iPaaS) and include advanced tracking and alarm features as standard.

Start with a package that matches the number of integration flows you plan to build. Each package comes with a pre-configured performance level, which can easily be upgraded. Add optional extras/add-ons to ensure that the solution always matches your business requirements.

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539 EUR/month

Popular choice!


1 575 EUR/month


3 900 EUR/month

  • Up to 30 integration flowsAn integration flow is a data flow defined by a source, a destination, and a direction.
  • Performance levelThe performance level is determined by various parameters such as processing speed, reliability, scalability, and database size. 3 (upgradeable to 4)
  • Support agreement Professional (upgradeable to support agreement Business)
  • Data backupData backup ensures repeated backups of business-critical data, integration logs, and activity. We use efficient incremental backups, provide secure storage, and customizable storage policies.


Price on request

For those with 30+ integration flows and the highest performance requirements.

Add-ons for Cloud

Expand your base service with one or more of our add-ons.

Performance boost

Price on request

Boost the performance of your integration solution. Recommended if, for example, you need to handle increased data volumes or have real-time requirements for your business-critical processes.

You get increased processing speed, scalability, and database size.

Additional integration flows

125 EUR/flow/month

Add more flows to your integration solution (max. 10).

B2B connector

860 EUR/month

Quickly set up connections with up to ten business partners (suppliers, bank, and more).

Managed services

Price on request

Complement your service agreement with our Managed services, which facilitate the operation, monitoring, and management of your integration solution.

On-prem connector

184 EUR/month

Connect your iCore solution to your local (on-premise) systems and applications. 

iCore On-premise and Hybrid

Do you want to run our integration platform in your own infrastructure, or as a hybrid solution?

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