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Integration with Infor M3

At iCore, we have many years of experience integrating with Infor M3 (formerly Movex). Our solution ensures the secure and reliable management of your business-critical data and offers you flexible operation of your integration in the cloud, on-premise, or as a hybrid solution.

iCore's integration platform – the perfect complement to Infor M3

  • Best-of-breed – With a dedicated integration platform, you are free to purchase software from different suppliers to achieve the best within each application area. iCore enables rapid integrations with external parties, apps, and cloud services, which is crucial in a world where business processes extend across internal systems and external services.
  • Control your data – With iCore Integration Suite, you get advanced tracking capabilities "out of the box". Track all your data flows at a detailed level and set up customizable logs and alarms. Detailed logs are indispensable for troubleshooting, compliance, and auditing purposes.
  • Flexibility – Our platform offers you an architecture based on loosely coupled applications that allows you to focus on the business processes. We provide a flexible model for hosting and operating integrations, enabling a smooth transition between on-premise solutions and cloud services or a combination of both (hybrid).
  • Unlimited integration and communication – Prepared to handle APIs, file transfers, Google PubSub, Azure Service Bus and Event Hub, EDI, etc. Combine new and legacy technology in a cohesive solution.
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We've spent many years working closely with companies who either use Infor M3 or have transitioned to this ERP. This experience has given us a deep specialization in Infor M3 and the opportunities it offers. We're well-versed in the necessary information flows and processes that ensure the system operates efficiently. Equally, we're familiar with the common pitfalls to avoid.

Håkan Holm, CTO på iCore

Customer stories

Click the links below to read about some of our customers who have successfully used iCore to integrate Infor M3 with their digital ecosystem.

We know Infor M3!

As independent integration specialists, our goal is to ensure our customers get the most out of their data and IT investments. We have conducted many integration projects with Infor M3 and have access to an extensive library of integration modules.

Are you planning to replace your current ERP with Infor M3? – it's important to consider integration and your future needs right from the start. Implementing a "loosely coupled" architecture in conjunction with the ERP switch makes the process much smoother and more structured. We have assisted several customers through comprehensive ERP projects.

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As an iCore customer, we guarantee that you will receive the attention you need and help to meet your unique challenges. We are attentive to our clients' needs and work closely together to develop and improve our product and offering.