iCore Service Center - we make sure everything works!

Your business depends on functioning data flows. Business-critical data in the form of orders, invoices and payments must flow unimpeded. Downtime and interruptions can be devastating, and are associated with large costs. It can be enough to break a business.

Taking care of your IT solutions over time is not always easy. It is important to have a partner you can trust, and a service agreement that is adapted to your needs. Our goal at iCore Service Center is that your integration should be invisible - it should just "flow" so you can focus on other things.

Contact the iCore Service Center

You can contact us directly at:

Email: support@icore.se
Telephone: 031-773 84 90

You can also register and track your support cases on our service portal.

Service Portal

Fast track to change

We help you to continuously adapt your solutions so that they best support your business processes.

Act proactively, not reactively! Build away errors and flaws, instead of piling them up.

Reliable operation and management

Complete your service agreement with our Managed services that facilitate operation, monitoring and management of your integration solution.

Do you want better control over your business-critical data?

We offer a webinar for those of you who have an administrator role in iCore and want to learn how to track your data flows and manage your processes and business data.

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Can your business handle a "digital production stoppage"?

We know from experience that serious system failures and cyber-attacks leading to production stoppages can be very costly. It often affects both customer and supplier relationships. Often it is also a contract issue.

So what can you do to prevent serious disruptions to your digital business flows? And if the accident happens - how should you act?

Some advice along the way