Master the challenges in retail!

There is no simple "off the shelf" solution for companies in retail – they need to be able to combine different unique solutions into a functioning whole. A successful retail company needs to master challenges that revolve around customer behaviour, logistics and system integration.

In order not to lose the edge in a constantly changing market, where customer expectations are constantly increasing, and where access to accurate data is crucial, you have to act proactively.

We at iCore have extensive experience in helping retail companies connect their digital ecosystem and use their data effectively.

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Creating the optimal customer experience

In retail, the customer's needs and expectations are the main challenge to manage. But there is a lot that has to happen "behind the scenes" in order to deliver a smooth and consistent buying experience, both online and in store.


Small margins – big challenges

The small margins for retail companies mean that the internal business processes must be efficient so that you can put all your effort into selling more to both new and existing customers.


Technical possibilities and pitfalls

In retail, there are many IT systems and other technology that must work together.

For many, it is a big challenge to get everything working. Technical problems can quickly destroy the customer relationship, which is difficult to rebuild.

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New trends and concepts in Retail

In retail, new concepts are constantly developed, and the industry is rapidly moving forward. It can be difficult to keep up with the latest trends.

iCore's expert, Tomas Zorjan, explains the concepts of omnichannel, unified commerce, hybrid shopping, punch-out, video shopping and how iCore can help with the challenges of developing your business model.

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Some of our customers in Retail

  • BabyBjörn logotype

    "We only buy from the best"

    "Our integration projects are far from simple and are based on unique solutions for each situation. It is complex and challenging. But there is no challenge that iCore has not solved".

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  • Bergans of Norway logotype

    iCore solved e-commerce challenge for Bergans of Norway

    "We realized that we were technologically behind, but thanks to the choice of iCore we got a modern solution that we are very happy with," says Espen Jensen, Chief Integration Officer at Bergans.

    Bergans of Norway
  • Jula logotype

    "Digitalization requires us to act faster!"

    Jula has successfully adapted to the global e-commerce competition by integrating best-of-breed solutions to stay agile and innovative.

  • Cellbes logotype

    Only best-of-breed is good enough for Cellbes

    Cellbes wanted a loosely coupled IT architecture with system independence that could easily adapt to their operations, where best-of-breed is a keyword.

  • Kicks logotype

    Kick's growth is driven by an efficient supply chain

    In just over a year, the leading Nordic beauty chain Kicks has replaced its entire ERP and delivery system. Now everything is connected with iCore Integration Suite.

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We help you connect your retail solution!

We at iCore have extensive experience in helping retail companies connect their digital ecosystem and use their data effectively.

Our integration platform makes it possible to use and analyze data from different sources such as customer orders, inventory and sales. You get a more complete picture of your business and can make better decisions about inventory management, marketing and sales. You can also automate business processes that were previously manual or time-consuming.

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