iCore Portal

iCore Portal is our customer portal, where you can access your iCore systems and integrations, download software, and more.

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What can you do in iCore Portal?

Access your systems and integrations

If you are an iCore Cloud customer, you have direct access to all your iCore systems and integrations in the Portal.

Create regression tests

Create regression tests and verify that your systems and integrations work correctly after an update.

Download software

Download the latest versions of iCore Integration Suite, our tools and packages. 


More features and services on the way!

We are continuously adding new functionality to the portal that creates value for you as an iCore customer. Here are some examples of upcoming features:

  • Analytics – compile and analyse the data and business flows that are relevant to you.
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting – quickly get an overview and take the appropriate measures for your systems and integrations.
  • Deploy integrations to your production environment.
  • Create and deploy standardized file transfers (Managed File Transfer)
  • Access to current customer information and agreements.
  • Direct access to our courses.

Create a user account

Before you can log in to the iCore Portal, you need to create a user account.

  • Go to My iCore and click Sign up now. Follow the instructions and you're ready to go!

    NOTE: It's important that you use an email address associated with your organization or company so that we can provide you with the right products and services.

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