Smoother on- and off-boarding of personnel

Onboarding and offboarding of personnel is a central part of companies' HR processes and has great significance for both the employees' experience and the company's efficiency.

A well-planned and structured onboarding helps new employees quickly become productive and engaged in their new work environment, while a smooth offboarding ensures that there are no unnecessary obstacles, risks or costs when an employee leaves.

By automating all or parts of the processes, the HR department can free up time and resources to focus on more strategic and value-creating tasks. This can mean they can spend more time supporting new hires and helping them quickly become part of the company.

Duplication and licensing costs are reduced with automation

Automation is essential when it comes to on- and off-boarding. In addition to rapid integration of new employees, everyday routines are optimized for all employees. With minimal manual involvement in repetitive administrative tasks and functions, the risk of duplication of work and input errors is reduced. More time is freed up for value-creating, creative work and streamlining operations.

In the event of offboarding, the employee's authorization to various systems and all licenses is automatically terminated so that the business does not pay for unnecessary license costs. In order to live up to the GDPR, it is also important to delete personal data about the former employee in a simple and reliable way.

How iCore can help you

Automation and integration of systems is essential to simplify and improve the onboarding and offboarding of staff. By ensuring that HR, IT and training systems, as well as document management and communication systems work together, companies can save time and resources, while creating a more engaging and supportive work environment for their employees.

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