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iCore's platform helps Wallenstam manage large data volumes

Wallenstam, manager and developer of residential and commercial properties, faced the challenge of significantly increased data volumes. To ensure efficient communication between different systems and suppliers, they turned to iCore.

- We needed a robust integration solution that could grow with our business, says Kenneth Hansten, Business Data Architect at Wallenstam.

Wallenstam has its head office in Gothenburg and is active in both Gothenburg and Stockholm. With approximately 250 employees, they manage over 200 properties, both commercial and residential. The rapidly growing amount of data made the need for a reliable integration platform clear.

– iCore was recommended to us, and we decided to bring them in during the transition to a new ERP, says Kenneth.

Wallenstam has integrated iCore with the Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations System, which enables fast data transfer and provides a scalable and flexible solution. Now they can easily connect external parties and process data faster, which gives them a competitive advantage.

- An advantage of loosely connected systems is that it becomes easy to replace specific components. A concrete example is when we upgraded to Dynamics 365, which we managed to complete in just two weeks, thanks in large part to the flexibility of the integration platform, says Kenneth.

Wallenstam also uses iCore's platform to advertising vacant premises on external marketplaces.

- iCore acts as a catalyst for exploring new technological possibilities, says Kenneth.

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iCore acts as a catalyst for exploring new technological possibilities.

Kenneth Hansten, Business Data Architect at Wallenstam

A company of Wallenstam's size, where each property is its own company, handles extensive financial information that must be consolidated before each annual accounts.. Automation of these processes means that operations become more cost-effective and time-saving.

- By automating and streamlining our processes, we have been able to reduce manual work and improve data quality, says Kenneth.

Wallenstam also appreciates that iCore is based in Gothenburg, the city where Wallenstam's head office and IT department is located. But mainly it was iCore's experience with integration and consulting expertise that sealed the deal, says Kenneth.

- iCore are integration experts and offer ready-made solutions. Their integration platform is reliable and gives us a sense of security. We appreciate their customer focus and the availability of the team. They are easy to reach and provide solid support, says Kenneth.

About Wallenstam

Wallenstam AB is a Swedish real estate company headquartered in Gothenburg that does more than manage buildings. The company works closely with the city to create safe places and areas that people want to live in, work in, and visit. Wallenstam builds, develops and manages properties in Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Uppsala.