Smarter electricity readings for Borås Elnät

In 2018, the Swedish parliament decided on requirements for new functions in electricity meters. As a consequence, all electricity network companies in Sweden need to replace or update their electricity meters before the year 2025.

In response to these requirements, Swedish power company Borås Elnät is replacing all its electricity meters in 50 000 facilities. The new law requires companies to provide readings every 15 minutes and to handle this, Borås Elnät is now implementing the iCore integration platform.

“The process will be totally automated, data is first collected and then sent to relevant systems without manual involvement. The platform also enables Borås Elnät to visualize data in a whole new way and they also have better control over who receives which data,” says Tomas Zorjan, Key Account Manager at iCore.

As of January 1st, 2025, a new law requires electricity companies to provide electricity readings every 15 minutes. The objective is to empower customers and provide them with more opportunities to affect their electricity bill, promote domestic electricity production, and in general to use the public power grid more efficiently.

– The iCore platform transforms basic data from meters, work orders, meter changes, and affected systems such as field service systems, network information systems, client information systems and measurement collection systems.

The platform standardizes all system formats. This enables Borås Elnät’s different systems to easily interact and creates a more efficient IT-system with quicker and automated data transfer. The information is always sent to the correct function – customer managers receive one type, while economy receives another.

– Another benefit is higher capability of alarm handling; an instant message is sent to the correct person if something doesn’t work.

The iCore platform also supports visualization of data on specific dashboards providing a clear overview for the company management.

– Thanks to iCore we are able to fully prepare for the new changes and stay ahead of the competition. This enables us to better serve and empower our customers and provides us with a technical platform suited for all future needs,” says Joakim Borgström, IT manager at Borås Elnät.