Our employees: our greatest asset

At iCore, it is the team and the individuals who make it possible. Our employees play a crucial role in creating innovative solutions that will change the way we live and work in tomorrow's society.

Our customers are companies in different industries, which means that your mission as part of the iCore team is to think in new ways and create value for each individual customer.

As innovators, problem solvers and enablers, iCore today offers integration solutions and expertise to global businesses. We transform difficult challenges into simple solutions and make complex and time-consuming IT structures smarter and more efficient: "We turn data into profit".

Available positions

Our core values, #icores


Reliability is the key to maintaining good relationships - we always work with integrity and respect.


We always try to help our customers achieve their goals and deliver beyond expectations. Our focus is on achieving results and getting the job done.


Innovation is what drives us forward – we are constantly working to develop our culture and attitudes to challenge prevailing beliefs and paradigms.