Speed up the integration with Salesforce!

iCore Accelerator for Salesforce CRM helps you maintain a "best-of-breed" environment that connects all systems involved in your customer-related processes (for example, your ERP, e-commerce platform, customer service portal, and BI platforms).


Seamless handling between systems

Give your customers instant feedback and a cohesive shopping experience across a variety of channels and devices.

Visibility and control

Get a complete overview of your processes, increase business intelligence and predict problems before they occur.

Grow over time

Standardize the sharing of customer data - Easily add or remove applications and business processes. Become more flexible and create the basis for continuous change. Create synergies with other stakeholders.

The iCore Salesforce CRM Accelerator is configured to automate the sharing of key data across the enterprise, such as:

  • Company data
  • Contact information
  • Document
  • Agreements & contracts
  • Bills
  • Product data
  • Business cases

All iCore accelerators include built-in functionality for data transformation, process automation, monitoring and alarming.

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