Find the balance between business risk and IT risk

The organization's requirements for rapid mobility do not always go hand in hand with the IT department's requirements for security.

According to a report by Radar Ecosystem ("From IT security to digital business risk", 2021), Swedish companies prioritize rapid digital development higher than strategic security, technical security and training in security.

The report states that this likely means both limitations in the ability to assess and manage risk, as well as a concrete, increased risk of operational impact or loss of business-critical data.

You have to put a price on the risk. Stop going by gut feeling and subjective analyses. When a certain risk scenario becomes a reality - what does it cost, in kroner and ören? That's how you have to think.

Freddie Rinderud, Radar Group

Secure your data and become more efficient

Systems with direct contact through integration are a potential security risk. One way to reduce this risk, and at the same time make the organization more agile, is to avoid direct connections between systems.

Through structured integration work and a strategy for loosely coupled systems/applications, you create a good foundation to stand on. At the same time, it gives you an opportunity to change or upgrade systems/applications in a safe and flexible way.

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