Plan your integration project

To succeed with integration, digitalization and automation, you need to have an overview of your business needs and processes. IT and business must work together - learn to listen to and learn from each other!

Create the right conditions

Gather important stakeholders in the organization and help map your processes. Try to see beyond the technology, and don't shy away from the hard questions. The idea is that you should not only digitize and automate your existing processes, but also find room for improvement and think in new ways.

Once you have the information in place, you will get much more out of your digitization project.

Define the project and MVP

If you try to solve everything at once, you usually end up with a failed project. Instead, select a limited part and define an MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

Decide what is most important to you – fast delivery, high quality or low price. It is difficult to get everything, and when you have determined the priority, it is much easier to find the way forward and set a level of ambition and work pace that the organization can handle.

Let us be your guide!

We at iCore have extensive experience in analyzing and mapping business processes. One thing we have learned is that if we jointly carry out the preparatory work, the rest will go much faster and smoother. We decide together how best to meet your expectations for the project.

The result is more efficient business processes within the company and towards customers and suppliers, which leads to direct increased profitability!

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