Focus on the business - your data flows are in good hands!

We want you to be able to focus on what is important to you - developing your products and your business, and be confident that business processes and data flows work smoothly.

Reliable integration solutions are essential to business operations. They need to function seamlessly, especially during off-hours, to avoid interrupting vital business activities like invoicing and registry updates.

For platforms like e-commerce, timely and condition-specific operation is crucial. Having the correct information accessible when needed can make or break a sale.

With iCore Managed Services, we commit to ensuring your integrations and data flows operate flawlessly.

What is included in Managed services?

We offer three packages for Managed services: Basic, Professional och Premium.

Service Basic Professional Premium
Health check X X X
System monitoring X X X
Infrastructure monitoring X X X
Process monitoring (passive) X    
Process monitoring (active)   X X
Reporting   X X
Continuous improvements   X X
Product owner - integrations     X

Health check

A health check where we go through:​

  • The integrations that run in the system(s).
  • How memory resources are used
  • How the system/systems are used
  • Error reports, etc.

System monitoring

An automated monitoring service that checks the availability of the iCore systems included in your integration solution.

If any of the systems is unavailable or under heavy load, this will automatically be reported to the iCore Service Center. Before any action is taken, the customer is notified and gets to decide what to do next.

Infrastructure monitoring

An automated service that continuously monitors the health status of your server(s). The service checks available disk space, RAM, CPU usage and reports back to the iCore Service Center.​

If a problem is detected, the customer is notified, who gets to decide what to do next.

Process monitoring

Ensures that all transactions and messages processed by your iCore systems work correctly and reach their destinations. If any errors occur, the customer is notified and gets to decide what to do next.​​


A separate iCore system that allows the creation of customized reports (formatted and styled XML reports) that can be sent to different recipients.

  • Extended error reporting​
  • Reconciliation reports
  • Reports to convey information about, for example, orders that have been processed, or invoices that have been sent.

Continuous improvements

We regularly develop improvement proposals for your integrations based on usage patterns and our established experience.

Product owner – Integrations

iCore Service Center takes an active role in developing and improving your integration strategy and your integrations based on your business needs.​