Minimize time-consuming payroll processing

People are hired and quit. Some businesses have employees on an hourly basis and others on permanent employment or projects. Many parameters need to be tied together. The payroll process quickly becomes resource-intensive, and in many companies payroll processing is still completely manual.

Manual and "analog" processes where employees submit receipts and other paper-based documents for their payroll increase the risk of errors and can sometimes create frustration in the organization. A lot of unnecessary manual work is required, which could instead be devoted to profit-generating activities.

Employment contracts and salaries

Handling various employment contracts, employment documents and contracts becomes easier through automation, where contracts are created and signed digitally. But internal changes and terminations are also handled by HR in the digital tool. Through a digitized process, this information can easily roll on to the payroll system, smoothly and securely.

How iCore can help you

We have helped several companies become more efficient and automate their HR processes, e.g. onboarding and offboarding of personnel.

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