Control over the business processes - create business opportunities out of challenges

There are small margins in the industrial sector, both in terms of inputs and time consumption. Therefore, the ambition is to create long-term business relationships between different parties and thus gain control over, for example, supplier prices, but of course also that invoicing works smoothly. Aftermarket and service also play a big role in ensuring that functions and products work as they should.

An important factor in improving one's business opportunities is to simplify consolidation, for example in the case of company purchases. The new business must be easily integrated with the existing one, even though it may have completely different business-critical IT systems. IT systems must not be an obstacle to development but must promote new opportunities.

IT systems must work together

Control over business processes is created when businesses' IT systems have been integrated and can work together. Therefore, for example, the business system must cooperate with the logistics system and invoicing takes place automatically. Efficiency is created when different systems can be easily integrated into a common business process. This means that the systems must be adaptable when there is a need to add new functionality or remove and replace with another solution.

We help industrial companies create efficient business processes

We at iCore have extensive experience in helping industrial companies use data from the production process, supply chain and customers to streamline their business processes.

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