Cost-effective internal processes and digital tools

Everyone in public activities is aware of cost requirements and being responsible with the resources that come from our common tax revenues.

It places great demands on the businesses to have cost-effective internal processes, such as not performing duplicate work or work that requires an extra lot of manual work.

Some public activities may need to share information with others within the same organization or between different organizations. It is then important to ensure that the information is correct and that only those who are authorized can access it. Streamlining reduces costs, but it must not be at the expense of information security.

Sharing information requires system integration

To reduce manual work and increase efficiency, digital tools can be crucial in the work process, such as digitally sharing information between each other. Then it is required to be able to integrate systems between each other, with all that this means in terms of information security and traceability to ensure that only authorized persons have access to correct data.

We provide public services with the right digital conditions

For more than 20 years, iCore has helped public organizations to create order in their digital mess and use their data in a secure and efficient way.

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