Safety, openness and security

The public sector with its administrations and authorities is available to the public. It creates expectations among citizens that they will receive the help they need and the information they desire.

At the same time, it is important that the wrong information is not disclosed or that people or companies gain access to information they are not authorized to access. This means that every process must be secured according to GDPR and that there is traceability in how the information is handled.

Even external actors, such as private companies in, for example, healthcare or active in areas that require permission or the equivalent from authorities and administrations must be able to be easily integrated into joint system solutions. Otherwise, manual duplication of work is created, which not only causes inefficiency and additional costs, but also leaves room for mistakes, which can have serious consequences.

Digital processes simplify

Digital presence via the web simplifies for both the user and those in public activities. With traceability through all digital processes, it is ensured that information reaches only those for whom it is intended. In this way, the openness that is demanded is created while at the same time there is order and order in the handling.

We provide public services with the right digital conditions

For more than 20 years, iCore has helped public organizations to create order in their digital mess and use their data in a secure and efficient way.

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