Upcoming changes in iCore Integration Suite

During Q4 2024 and Q1 2025, we will be making architectural upgrades to iCore Integration Suite that will affect the functionality of the product.

We will inform you well in advance before you need to take any action. However, if you would like to learn more about the changes and how they will affect your solution right now, contact your representative at iCore Professional Services.

Here is a list of upcoming changes and a reminder of what has already been implemented:

  • Web APIs – Web APIs with target host version v1 will be phased out and replaced by v2, which has been supported since 2023. Read more here: Web APIs target host version.
  • User Management and Authentication – The entities User and User groups will be removed. This may impact implementations using these entities in component definitions and entity filters.
  • PowerShell – The iCore PowerShell console will be removed and can be replaced by any generic console application. The iCore Powershell module will be replaced by an updated version.
  • Run Component Tool (command line version) – This tool has been phased out since 2019 but will now be removed permanently. Note that this does not apply to the Run Component Tool application, which will still be available.
  • iCore Trig – A command-line tool for creating Events. Phased out since 2020, but will now be removed permanently.
  • iCore API COM – Generates Events from external sources. This tool will be removed.
  • RemoteInput – Generates Events from external sources. This tool will be removed.