Why do you need an integration framework?

The purpose of an integration framework is to clearly describe how the organization uses integration to achieve its business goals, as well as to define the boundaries of current and future projects. Without frameworks, you can be left with a large number of inconsistent, low-quality solutions that don't work well together.

Integration strategy

When we work with clients to create an integration strategy, we typically start with the following basic principles:

  • Allow gradual "ad-hoc" implementation of integration solutions. It should be possible to start on a small scale and expand the solution over time. Don't try to do everything at once!
  • Promote the development of an architecture based on "loosely coupled" components.
    Create a flexible infrastructure where information flows can be adapted to today's business needs. No company should have to give up business opportunities because of rigid systems and applications.
  • The data should only need to be entered once. You should never have to enter the same data in two places. Data is always edited exclusively in the source system and should be made available to any service or function that needs it.


Guidelines describe how your solutions are documented, how changes are handled, which naming conventions should be used, and so on.


An Integration Competence Center (ICC) consists of both internal and external key personnel who are responsible for implementing the integration strategy, maintaining and monitoring existing solutions and developing new solutions in line with the integration strategy and business goals. Having an ICC in place is a fundamental prerequisite for regularly evaluating the "integration environment" of the company, avoiding technical debt and ensuring that existing integration components are reused in an optimal way.

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