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With a strategic approach to integration and support from iCore, you can develop your business model, improve your margins and build stronger customer relationships.

Develop your business model

With an integration platform you can build managed services that help your customers in their day-to-day business as well as in their digital transformation process. 

Managed services can improve your margins, future-proof your business, and create value for your customers.

  • Providing "integration as a service" makes it easier to keep the customer’s business even if they switch to an application that you do not offer (a “stickiness effect”). You can strengthen your relationship with the customer even further by integrating other systems and applications as well.
  • Create standard integration packages (fixed price) with optional customized solutions (flexible price). Reusing existing packages and solutions will result in vastly improved margins on your integration projects, as well as improve your ability to stay on time and on budget.
  • Reduce risk in projects and personal dependencies.
  • Deliver efficient and professional support, maintenance, changes and further development.


Build stronger customer relationships

To build strong, long-term customer relationships you need to be able to provide scalable operation models. Don't get stuck supporting your existing customer base with tactical perspectives and counter-productive incentives!

The iCore Cloud Services platform provides ways to both create scalable and flexible integration solutions, as well as efficient maintenance.


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Develop your own expertise

With more than 20 years in the integration industry, we have gathered a lot of knowledge and experience that we are happy to share with our partners.

  • As an iCore partner, you get access to our best practices, project and integration methodology so you can provide your customers with scalable and maintainable solutions, resulting in the best possible ROI (Return On Investment) on each project and outstanding TCO(Total Cost of Ownership).
  • Attend courses at iCore Academy. Learn how to design, develop, configure and monitor customer solutions. 


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