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Integration in the cloud

iCore Cloud Services makes your data available across the entire enterprise, no matter where your applications are hosted, implemented or serviced.

As long-term partners of Microsoft, we have built our cloud integration tools and services on Microsoft Azure infrastructure. Our own platform, iCore Integration Suite, provides a solid foundation for your solutions, with a high level of production stability and excellent control & alarm features.


What are the advantages of cloud-based integration?


Convenience & control

Access all your business flows from a web browser anywhere in the world. Enjoy the outstanding track & trace, alarm and logging functionality included in all iCore integration solutions.

No surprises!

You only pay a monthly subscription fee. There are no initial investment costs for software installation or any need for local hardware or software.


Keep the actual connection between external partners and internal applications outside of the company firewalls.

UI protection, encryption, and AS2 data transfer ensures your data is safe at all times.

Which service is right for you?

Do you want maximum freedom to develop and control your integration solutions, or are you willing to trade some of that freedom for the convenience of a standardized solution?

Select the cloud integration service that best suits your desired level of customizability, control, and personal involvement.


Flexible cloud

A multitenant integration environment with all the benefits of a full-service solution. You can build and deploy fully customized integration solutions, while iCore handles hosting, upgrades and makes sure everything is running at maximum efficiency. 

Standard cloud

Our selection of standardized integration solutions. Powerful “out-of-the-box” functionality with a minimum of administration. The services can be enabled or disabled at your request.

Private cloud

The Private cloud solution gives you all the freedom you want. iCore provides you with dedicated cloud servers, and you have total control of the environment and the integration solution.

Hybrid cloud

If you have specific demands that require both an on-premise and a cloud integration service, this is the setup for you.

Choose your service level

With our Cloud services, we want to provide our customers with carefree integration. Compared to our on-premise installations, the basic SLA for our cloud-based services include more comprehensive monitoring and control support.

For more information about our various service and support options, go to Service level agreements (cloud).

Move your on-premise iCore to the cloud

We offer a number of different options for migrating your existing iCore solutions to one of our cloud services. 

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