iCCS Business

With a cloud-based integration platform that acts as a hub for all your business-critical data, you can stay agile and innovative through challenging times when competitors are nipping at your heels.

A well-organized IT architecture, with an integration platform at the center, makes it easier to make game-changing strategic moves (such as replacing your ERP) or adding new businesses to your portfolio.

If your organization is committed to reaping the full benefits of digitalization, choose our Business cloud service. You will get a fully packaged solution ready for highly mission-critical and customizable business flows with demanding usage.


iCore Cloud Services – Business

Connect an unlimited number of applications, and run up to 80 flows.

  • Contains all features in the Professional service.
  • 10 GB data transaction volume
  • Premium support



Create order in your digital chaos!

We provide our customers with an easy, convenient integration service that is also adaptable and scales with your business. Our goal is to deliver digitalization value to every corner of your organization, and making sure that business-critical data is available when and where it is needed.


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