iCCS Starter

Are you looking for an easy way to get started with digital transformation? Do you want to find a scalable solution for B2B communication, or future-proof your retail processes? Look no further than our Starter cloud services.



2 apps & 5 flows

Connect any two apps or systems in your ecosystem. For example, you can connect your ERP and CRM to share customer and order data across multiple business functions. 

Recommended for companies that want to get started quickly, and add more flows and applications over time.

  • All core functionality in iCCS, including track & trace, alarms, and more.
  • Standard support 
  • 0.5 GB data transaction volume


Starter + B2B

1 app & 3 B2B partners

The perfect start for companies that want to digitize data transactions with business partners. It is an easy way to connect your partners with your ERP, CRM or e-commerce application to exchange data related to orders, order responses, invoices, etc.

  • All features in Starter.
  • 1 GB data transaction volume
  • Consume Web APIs

Starter + Ecom

2 apps & 5 flows

Connect the applications involved in your retail process and provide your customers with a seamless shopping experience.

For example, connect your E-commerce platform to your third-party logistics provider and exchange data related to orders, inventory, prices, deliveries, and more.  

  • All features in Starter + B2B.
  • Real-time data communication
  • B2B connector

Create order in your digital chaos!

We provide our customers with an easy, convenient integration service that is also adaptable and scales with your business. Our goal is to deliver digitalization value to every corner of your organization, and making sure that business-critical data is available when and where it is needed.



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