Find the balance between business risk and IT risk

The organization's ambition to stay agile and move forward doesn't always match the IT department's security requirements. How do you balance these priorities successfully?


According to a report from Radar Ecosystem ("From IT security to digital business risk", 2021), Swedish companies prioritize rapid digital development over strategic security, technical security and security training.

The report states that this probably means both limitations in the ability to assess and manage risk, as well as a concrete, increased risk of operational impact or loss of business-critical data.

Rapid digital development is prioritized over security. 21% higher than strategic security, 131% higher than technical security and 98% higher than security training (© Radar ecosystem, 2021)

Secure your data ecosystem and become more efficient

Systems with direct contact through integration are a potential security risk. One way to reduce this risk, and at the same time make the organization more agile, is to avoid direct connections between systems.

Through structured integration work and a strategy for loosely connected systems / applications, you create a stable foundation to build on. It also gives you an opportunity to change or upgrade systems / applications in a safe and smooth way.

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