Managed services

We want you to be able to focus on what is important to you - developing your business and your offer, and be confident that processes and data flows work smoothly.


An integration solution is often business-critical. It must be up and running and do its job. Certain processes, such as invoicing and register updates are often run outside office hours so as not to disrupt business-critical processes.

In the case of an e-commerce platform for example, it must work at given times and under given conditions. This means - the right information must be available at the right time. It is absolutely crucial for a sale to happen.

So even if it's true that "business never sleeps" – we want you to be able to do that!

With iCore Managed Services, we take responsibility for the operation and management of the integration platform. The service is divided into a number of levels:

  • On the starting level, we help with basic control – we keep track of memory usage, capacity and uptime. If something happens, you will be alerted in the agreed-upon way. We decide together how to act, and who should act, to remedy the error.
  • On the highest level, we monitor all integration processes in your iCore systems. We adapt the service to your organization and your business conditions - we agree on how to act on direct alarms, it can be anything from immediately or at a given time, depending on how business-critical the process is.

Focus on your business

iCore Managed Services helps you focus on what's important.

The service complements your regular service agreement - based on the various parts of the service catalog, we create a service that is completely adapted to your needs. We work continuously with you to improve not only the integration solution itself, but also the services you have chosen. You can easily both add and remove services over time.


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