The key to a successful project

To succeed with your integration projects, you need access to expertise, tools and methodology. You need to make sure to do your homework and not rush directly into implementation, however tempting it may be when you are on a limited budget and a tight schedule.

When we carry out integration projects we always follow our own project methodology and delivery model, which helps us secure the quality of deliverables and establish future governance of the solution. Since integration is often a long-term investment, each project needs to fit into a context — a context defined by an overall integration framework.

Our project methodology is based on an iterative process divided into a number of distinctly different phases.


  • Business requirements definition — Identify business requirements and technical requirements. The requirements are continuously verified and evaluated throughout the design, implementation and testing of the solution.
  • Integration solution design — Design the integration flows on a detailed level.
  • Integration development — Implement the integration flows in the integration platform. Create building-blocks, test and evaluate.
  • User acceptance test — Perform acceptance tests in a controlled environment. Revise business requirement definition if necessary.
  • Deployment and handover — Deploy the solutions in the customer’s production system. Provide customer with detailed documentation and ensure the new solution can be supported and managed properly.
  • Lessons learned knowledge transfer — Evaluate the project as a whole.

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Our experienced project managers and system architects know the importance of seeing things from a business perspective. We acknowledge that technology is there to support business processes and must never become a goal in itself. You will learn how to use your data in a structured and controlled way, making you more profitable and susceptible to change.

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