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Speed reduced the time for on- and offboarding

Flexible staffing solutions and efficient integration are becoming increasingly important for companies. This challenge was the starting point for Speeds' effort to streamline its onboarding and offboarding procedures. The group, which consists of eight companies and just over 1,500 employees, handles almost 500 integration solutions for 80 customers.

- We plan, lead and implement flows in warehousing, logistics, staffing, recruitment, and training. Given the large number of staff we handle, we realized that we put an enormous amount of time into administering onboarding and offboarding, says Ermin Huremovic, IT manager at Speed.

Speed started in 2004, and from the beginning the idea was to combine warehousing and 3PL services with staffing and recruitment. The company has grown over the years and today has a turnover of over 1 billion SEK.

We realized that we spent a huge amount of time administering when someone would start or stop.

Together with iCore, Speed has developed a new integration solution. The solution is based on iCore's integration platform and has allowed Speed to integrate both their internal systems and customer systems, including SAP, Movex, Jeeves, Pyramid, and the Agda salary system.

– Well-functioning integration is crucial to our business since we handle approximately 500 different integration flows and many employees. With the help of iCore Integration Suite, we have standardized all our processes and streamlined operations.

When an employee starts or ends their assignment, many parameters need to be handled. The employment number must be established, the right salary must be paid, and the person must be given the right permissions, passwords, licenses and access to various systems. This data, in turn, must be synchronized with time reporting and accounting orders.

– All this is done automatically via iCore's platform, which makes our staffing processes safer and saves us much time. A person who is hired is given a role description that is associated with access to certain systems. The role governs which permissions and licenses are created. The HR system then creates the accesses automatically via iCore, which ensures dialogue with all other systems – even which printers you can print on.

When Speed and iCore had completed all integration for onboarding and offboarding, the system discovered that some people were no longer working for the company and that 400 licenses that were not connected to any users were costing money. With iCore's solution, licenses are automatically removed as soon as employment is terminated.

- Previously, we didn't have the same overview capabilities. With the integration platform, everything runs automatically. All permissions activated when the person is hired, end when the person quits. Time reporting and vacation days are adjusted, licenses and system accesses are terminated. Even information that we will no longer have access to due to GDPR legislation, such as personal identification numbers, is eliminated, and the person's account is terminated directly in all systems. Automating processes has resulted in increased quality, lower costs, and much less administration.

The number of questions from new employees has decreased significantly as Speed has been able to standardize the processes. In addition to several internal systems, customer systems have also been included in the integration solution.

– We manage our customers' data flows and integrate their systems. Now we have also streamlined our internal processes. We have high data quality, and everything is correct and standardized. We have freed up an a lot of time that we can spend on development and creating customer value, concludes Ermin Huremovic.