"E-commerce has made logistics cool"

As more businesses enter the world of e-commerce, the importance of good logistics and a well-functioning warehouse management system (WMS), has become more apparent. At Consafe Logistics it is all about speed, performance and making data flow.

– Traditional companies are now catching up in e-commerce, and this puts new demands on a well-functioning integration solution”, says Mikael Brorsson, product manager at Consafe Logistics.

– Everyone in Sweden today uses at least one product that has been picked in our warehouse system.

These are the words of Mikael Brorsson, product manager at Consafe Logistics, the leading European supplier of software and hardware products for warehousing. With consumers requesting instant deliveries and smooth buying experiences, the demands for businesses to have a modern and well-functioning WMS is greater than ever.

– The consumers want to be able to choose different modes of transport, buying options, follow the shipment in real-time and know the exact time of delivery.

Once the business has acquired a WMS, it needs to be integrated with the ERP and connected to all the other services and platforms.

A well-functioning integration platform is especially important when it comes to third-party logistics, 3PL. Our clients want to connect the ERP with the logistics solution, quickly and at a reasonable cost.

According to Mikael Brorsson, today there are higher demands on ERP integration than ever before.

– Businesses today operate with many more systems than 10-15 years ago, much due to the increasing importance of e-commerce. This increased number of systems, combined with customer demands on variety of choices and shorter delivery times, makes it more important than ever that your data is flowing freely”.