iCore On-premise

With iCore On-premise, you run our integration platform on your own servers in your own infrastructure.

Why should you choose iCore On-premise?

Security and compliance

Get maximum control over how and where your data is stored and transferred. This can be important if your business handles highly sensitive data that requires data to be stored in a specific way or within certain geographic boundaries.

Control and adaptation

You have full control over your computer resources. You can choose the hardware, software, and configurations that best suit your needs, and you can fine-tune your environment for optimal performance.


If your business has high demands for real-time processing, or operates in regions with poor internet connectivity, you can get higher performance by running iCore on your own servers.

How it works

Run the iCore Integration Suite in your own infrastructure, and connect your systems and applications with quick-to-configure adaptersAn application that provides an interface between business and enterprise management systems and a central integration platform, or towards other applications. Adapters are important SOA components. Intelligent Adapters can promote high-level composite services..


First-class support & service

We want you to feel confident that your integration solution works without problems even when you run iCore "at home", and that you get fast and professional support when you need it.


Learn to build your own integrations

Learn to design and implement integration solutions based on iCore's integration methodology and the tools in the iCore Integration Suite (iCIS).


Move to the cloud

Have you outgrown your on-premises environment and want to switch to a scalable subscription service?

You can move your iCore On-premise to the cloud at any time.

Do you want to know more?

Want to know more about iCore On-premise and whether the solution would suit your business needs?

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