iCore for administrators

This course gives you a basic understanding of your integration solution from an administration and security perspective.

iCore för administratörer.jpg

Scope of the course

The course is a 2.5h webinar.

Course content

In the first part, you get an overall understanding of your integration solution on a "non-technical" level.

In the second part, you will learn how to manage the solution in practice as well as solve potential problems that may arise (eg broken integration flows).

The course includes a course compendium for in-depth studies.

Who is the course intended for?

  • Category 1: Business managers, Administrators and system, application and process owners.
  • Category 2: Unit4 Administrators

Course fee

Contact us for price.

Do you have questions?

Contact our training coordinator Annika Jörs.

Course opportunities, spring 2024

Week Date and time Intended for
3 2024-01-18, kl 09:00-11:30 Category 1
8 2024-02-22, kl 09:00-11:30 Category 2
12 2024-03-21, kl 09:00-11:30 Category 1
16 2024-04-18, kl 09:00-11:30  Category 2
21 2024-05-23, kl 09:00-11:30 Category 1
27 2024-07-02, kl 09:00-11:30 Category 2