Move and upgrade your iCore solution

We offer a number of different options to upgrade your existing iCore solutions and/or migrate them to our cloud service.


We upgrade iCore Integration Suite to the latest version in your existing environment.

Lift & Shift

We upgrade iCIS to the latest version and move it to a new environment, but without rebuilding any integration solutions or scenarios.

The new environment can be cloud, on-premise or a combination of both (hybrid). The Lift & Shift option does not take into account any new technical requirements that come with changing environments. To ensure a smooth transition, you must ensure that the legacy iCore systems can be accessed from the new target environment.

Move & Improve

We evaluate and improve your integration solution and deploy it in the new target environment.

Improvements are based on the availability of new technology and any changes that have occurred in the process since the solution was implemented. We also consider changes in data volume, message frequency and new business processes, which may affect integration flows.

Lift & Reshape

We upgrade iCIS to the latest version, evaluate your integration solution and move it to the new target environment. This is a value-creating service, where we try to make significant improvements through small changes. The approach and end result depends on the complexity of your data.

We help you move to the cloud!

Contact us and we can tell you how you can improve your integration solution and move it to the cloud.

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