White Papers

Are you looking for more comprehensive information before you make that big decision that will affect your company's business or IT architecture? Have a look at our white papers.

  • Cost control with efficient data flows

    In difficult times, it is important to direct your efforts where they provide the best effect. This whitepaper explains how systems and applications interconnected via an integration platform lead to efficient data flows and makes it possible to accelerate the process of change.

  • The Benefits of an Integration Strategy

    With an integration strategy and the right integration tools, it’s possible to set up your systems to communicate with each other, thereby making it easier to automate process flows and achieve a high level of control.

  • SOA the iCore Way

    Service Oriented Architecture, or SOA, is an approach to software design and software architecture in which various applications provide each other with self-contained and loosely coupled services. The idea is to let the IT systems adapt to the business needs instead of the other way around.

  • B2B with iCore

    E-business web solutions have become a popular complement to automated B2B/EDI solutions. Companies use web based e-business portals to market their products to new and existing customers.

  • Take Control of your IT Environment

    Keeping your IT maintenance manageable and cost-effective requires an IT architecture with built-in traceability, alarms, redundancy and tools let you correct errors without losing any information.

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